Script that automates json-ld schema.org markup for wordpress websites.

By using PHP, and custom wordpress functions, the script reads the content of the page, and creates a json-ld script, which is added in the footer of each wordpress page.

The script creates separate json-ld for every page, populated with the provided information.

The json-ld will be added both on the existent, and on the new pages, and posts.


  1. Create a Child Theme, and add the entire script in its functions.php file
  2. Upload the file via FTP
    • Path: http://website.com/wp-content/themes/[Your-Theme]/inc/schema-markup.php
    • Register: Add one of these lines to your theme’s functions.php file (follow the code structure):
      • require_once( ‘inc/schema-markup.php’ );
      • require_once get_template_directory() . ‘/inc/schema_markup.php’;
  3. Install a Custom Code Plugin, and create a php snippet to add the script

You can check the script online on Github!