Yin Yang

How many times, my love
haven’t I whispered in the dark?
Haven’t I wonder where you were,
why you are late,
and you won’t find me?

I felt your murmur,
and I recognized your voice,
which tells me that it’s not the time

Since I have known you in my mind,
that’s since I’m waiting,
and with an iron will,
and pain just like a blade inside my soul

There was not such a bitter agony
When your face was unknown to me

In the darkness of my eyelids, now,
your eyes are burning me –
watching me,
watching through me,
watching my soul.

What do you want? – tell me!
If now it’s not the time,
Why tormenting my soul?
If you don’t want me,
why do you pull me towards you?
Why don’t you let me go,
so I can heal my wounds
remained after a dream’s demise?

That’s it! I am just waiting here for you!
You found me!
Are you waiting for me?

Then accept me when I come
Make place for me inside your mind
and tie me to your life!

Heavens are open wide
each time my tears are flowing –
flow over blood-red fields,
and mountains frozen by the time

Heavens draw near,
and angels are picking up the pieces of my soul
The heavens gently reunite
this wretched soul
which is eternally devoted to the Light

During my waiting time
even the angels wonder
at how much suffering I carry on with me
so stubbornly

Nothing matters anymore to me –
the heavens, and you are all that’s left