Ember JS


The app contains 5 functions, provided on 5 different pages:

  1. AuPhoneInput, which copies an AU Component, including Search for Countries, placeholder, formatting, and validation
  2. Phone Input with Format Validation, which uses a script to control the format of the input text
  3. Phone Input, which is an input with the option to select countries from a dropdown (select+options)
  4. Search Input with Autocomplete, which makes a query on existent github repos
  5. Phone Input with Search, which is an input of type `tel`, with options to search for a country, and dinamically update the prefix

Tech Stack

  • node.js v14.17.0
  • ember-cli v4.4.0
  • appuniversum v1.2.1
  • ember-cli-sass v11.0.1


The component is deployed as an app, in development mode, on Netlify.
The code is public, and can be freely checked on Github.