Hollow and Goddess

‘I got lost in time’ he said, ‘and time never forgives!’
‘Well, then’, she said, ‘I will give you your soul, but it will always belong to me!’

And then she touched him, and his pain was gone, his heart not aching anymore.
When this was done, she moved closer, and caught him in a long embrace, a warm hug that he wished would never end; the man felt empty no more – he could feel his heart filled with love, and compassion: he had a purpose, he had a life.

‘I will gladly bow to you, my Goddess’, he said, ‘as you are the only one in this world that could bring me back to life.’

The sun was now shining brighter, and the rain was beautiful again; the leaves were greener, and the flowers were prettier – everything was born again with his new found life.

‘I will go now’, he said, and left with his heart full of hope.

But every day, from time to time, he felt a pain in his heart, and his life felt incomplete, as his soul would long for her forever, while he felt he could never be apart from her anymore.