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About MetaWars

MetaWars is a sci-fi-themed strategic and role-playing game built on the Binance Smart Chain, users can earn their share of vast fortunes in the metaverse.

Since release, MetaWars has seen exponential growth, and it is labeled the cutting-edge, next-generation economy with room for more development.

MetaWars also contains PlanetFi, a stake-to-earn platform, allowing Planet NFT owners and players to earn rewards from various gaming projects.

New projects are also introduced in PlanetFi and creates an economy of interlinked platforms full of potential.

MetaWars Community

MetaWars aims to build a strong community, bringing together crypto and gamers around the world.

The game provides the ultimate gaming experience and earning platform for our valued community members MetaWarriors, with the belief that a strong community is the key to success across the metaverse.

MetaWars Mission and Vision

MetaWars has various connections and vision on building a space alliance metaverse with different partnerships to develop a sustainable game economy.

MetaWars has strong community power and they are partnering with more projects for the exclusive PlanetFi features alongside the gameplay.

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