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Mech NFTs are the NFT-enabled characters inside the game.

There are multiple ways to get Mech NFT:

  • Direct purchase
  • Secondary market
  • Community campaigns

There are thousands of variations for Mech NFTs.

You can choose to specialize in different areas and your own play style.

For example, you can become a miner, fighter, trader, transporter or even a cheerleader in this world.

Mech NFTs Utility

Mech NFTs serve as the player’s avatar and in-game character where they will be used to fight, participating in campaign missions or PvP combat.

Mech NFTs require constant supply of food, water, and iron to operate efficiently. Those who control the resources control the battlefield!

Players can level up their Mech NFTs by acquiring experience points in battles and consuming certain resources and GAM.

The components of Mech NFTs can also be upgraded the same way.

As of now, players can utilize their Mech NFTs to participate in three game modes:

  1. Missions ⇒ Send out your Mech NFTs out into space and complete daily missions to earn GAM tokens. GAM can be used to further level up and repair Mech NFTs, upgrade equipment, and maintain Planet buildings.
  2. Raids ⇒ Team up with Guild members to join a party raid, exploring rogue Planets and fighting giant and epic void monsters for loot. Players can only acquire high-tier equipment in raids. They have the option to utilise these equipment or sell them to other players or back to MetaWar’s Recycling Program.
  3. Planet Helios ⇒ Deploy your Mech NFTs into the dangerous battlefield on Planet Helios. Apart from the stories in the main campaign, there will be a weekly event held on Planet Helios where factions will compete against each other for Rednite.
  • Pick up a long-range rifle and snipe down enemies from afar.
  • Pick up a machine gun that’s attached with a shield and charge towards the enemy front lines.
  • Whatever you can think of, we will try to implement it into our game.

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