This is my personal website (blog) where I write whatever I want! Articles may be technical, or non-technical.

If any of the information found on this website offends you, I don’t care!

If you try any of the technical stuff I wrote about, do it on your own risk – I won’t be held responsible for any damage you may cause!

If any of the information on this website helps you in any way, or at least makes you feel good somehow, you can praise me!

About the stuff on this site


The stories published on the website are mostly fleeting ideas put on paper, and do not really represent my reality, but mostly the results of dreams, and meditation.


The information on this website combines knowledge from energy healing practices, like ReikiAura Treatments, and Scholomance,  with Cartomancy, and elements of Divination, such as Feng Shui, and Radiesthesia. I don’t use any religious, or ceremonial magic!

Web 3.0

The Web3.0 articles present real, and mostly valuable data, picked from official sources, and/or compiled by me to be user-affordable, and easy to understand, and use by anyone.