Yin Yang

So beautiful!

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From all the gin joints, in all towns, in all the world
she had to walk into mine …

That was the first time I saw her!

In her long white dress, she seemed to be floating, like a graceful butterfly in search of a beautiful flower.

The time stopped around me – my breathing held on for a moment; I couldn’t say a word, and in my mind there was only one thought: She is so beautiful!

I spent my entire evening admiring her, with the same thought stuck in a corner of my mind: She is so beautiful!

I saw her again in a couple of days – she was not in that long white dress, but she was just as radiant as before, making everything around her seem insignificant, while making graceful moves, just like she was trying to get me insane.

Just like before, I spent all my time admiring her, while still not being able to get rid of that thought stuck in my mind: She is so beautiful!

Ever since, she’s always present in my mind, and I dream about her sometimes – and in my dreams she’s always wearing that long white dress, floating around gracefully, and making everything around her seem insignificant.

I saw her again – so fragile, so beautiful, so angelic – not floating, but walking gently; she passed me by, and I watched her closely, while my mind was filled with the same undying thought about her: She is so beautiful!